Expense Report: February 2016

February turned out to be a fairly expensive month due to new tires and a number of tours. Even though I had seven nights that I paid $0 for lodging, the expense of hostels and hotels in Patagonia drove the average up. Way up.

Gas: $139.65 (Daily average: $4.82)

Food: $382.60 (Daily average: $13.19)

Lodging: $841.17 (Daily average: $29.00)

Tours, Park Admission: $154.14

Bike Maintenance: $380.36

Tolls, Ferries: $23.95

Grand Total: $1925.21

Still cheaper than staying home…

March will be the most expensive by far, due to shipping and air fare costs, but I was aware of that ahead of time so it’s no surprise.

3 thoughts on “Expense Report: February 2016

    • Hero? Ha!! I’m just a guy who lost his mind, sold everything and hit the road on a small motorcycle. But I’m glad to see others re-thinking their bike needs in light of my travels, or at least that I’m confirming the conclusion they’d already reached. There’s nothing wrong with taking the big bike if you need it. I just didn’t need it. And I suspect most others don’t either. Funny thing is, for the last 18,000 miles, I’ve been riding a “big” bike compared to the locals. It’s only the U.S. and I guess some parts of Europe that have the mind-set that you have to have at least 650cc before you can leave home.
      “While You Still Can”? Perfect! Exactly why I say “If Not Now, When?”

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