March Expense Report

As I predicted at the beginning of the month, March was by far the most expensive month of my trip so far. I was prepared for this though, due to the expense of shipping the bike from South America to Africa. I also installed another set of tires on the last day of the month, which drove the total up even more. And I spent more on lodging than I normally would have due to the extended time in Buenos Aires preparing to ship the bike, and again in Cape Town waiting on the bike to arrive and preparing to leave Cape Town. So while my gas and food expenses were less than February — the food could have been less yet — the lodging was more, and the shipping expenses really knocked a hole in my budget.

Gas: $121.32 (Daily average: $3.91)

Food: $280.97 (Daily average: $9.06)

Lodging: $1068.91 (Daily average: $34.38)

Tours, Park Admission: $66.77

Bike Maintenance: $385.41

Tolls, Ferries, Shipping: $2053.73

Miscellaneous: $19.90

Grand Total: $3997.01

For April, my lodging expenses should decrease significantly, as I plan to camp a lot more, and food should also be less. My only big expenses that I foresee right now are one or two safari tours (these can be expensive, especially since I have to join an organized tour). Overall, my monthly average should be much less in April than March, and hopefully less than February.

2 thoughts on “March Expense Report

  1. Pat, money well spent. Can’t wait to see the next pictures. Be safe. Hope your ankle is better.

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