Niguas….that’s the Spanish word for what we call chiggers.

Yes it itches!

And that’s why my legs look like they do and why I’m itching like crazy. But it was still worth the stay at Finca Santa Monica in Xilitla.

And here’s my question for the day:

This place was open 21 hours. Which ones? All in one day, or is that spread over a week, or what?

At the completion of my first seven days of my trip, I’ve logged 1300 miles on the little XT250, with no problems. I know, it’s early…. I’m averaging around 65 miles per gallon, which is good since I only have a 2.7 gallon gas tank, although I’m carrying an extra 1.75 gallons in a can on the rear rack. So I should at least theoretically be able to go about 290 miles before I run out. I don’t really want to find out, and Pemex stations are plentiful in Mexico, so we’ve been filling up about every 130 miles.

Now that I am solidly out of the United States, it’s time to slow down the pace a bit and do some shorter days and more days off the bike. This coming week should be closer to 600 miles hopefully.

And my last thought for this post: ┬áMy computer says “Sorry, Pandora is not available in this country.” Really? Bummer.

But Netflix is.

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  1. Teotihuacan, pat it was just northeast abit from Mexico City, you’re very close by, I’ve been there twice, highly highly recommend it, it won’t disappoint, I promise. Climb both the sun and the moon.

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