Random Photos from Isle of Man

June 9, 2016

Thursday was a day off from racing, and I took a ride around the TT course as well as a stop in Douglas to walk through the paddock area, and a visit to a few other places.

Before heading out, Brett and his dad and friend stopped by to repay me with a new inner tube for the one I put in his CRF the day before. I insisted he keep the new tube as a backup. During the fix-a-flat the day before, Brett had commented on my portable air compressor I was carrying with me, and I had mentioned that I didn’t have a backup plan if the compressor failed (originally I had packed a few CO2 cartridges in my fender bag with a spare tube and tire levers, but I had lost the bag on the Paso Roballos crossing in between Chile and Argentina). Unbelievably, Brett handed me a new bicycle hand pump as thanks for helping him out. Totally unexpected. Continuing my interaction with great people along my trip.

Totally unexpected gift from Brett after fixing his flat the day before.


“2RideTheGlobe” is now riding along on the Isle of Man trails as well.

After fixing his tire, they had headed back up the mountain and while riding the trails, met up with David Knight’s brother (for those unaware, David is a former World Enduro Champion and all-around expert racer). They had a great afternoon riding some challenging trail, but eventually got separated and had a bit of an extra challenge getting themselves out of a precarious situation they had ridden into. As usual, these make for great stories after you’re finally back home safe.

There are at least four motorcycle museums on the Isle of Man, but perhaps the most interesting one, in an odd, eccentric kind of way, is Murray’s.

Nice collection of racers at Murray’s.





Organization? This IS organized…


Racks of antique fuel tanks.


After Murray’s, I headed a half mile down the road to the Fairy Bridge. This place has always been a place to pay tribute to the “little people”, but it has become a series of memorial tributes to people (mostly riders) lost in the past year.


The Fairy Bridge


Next I headed to the paddock area. Even though it was a day off, the paddock was mostly open and it was interesting to see a very similar setup to US roadracing, with the large transporters and pit area.

Factory Norton race effort.


The Mugen TT Zero electric bike of John McGuinness.


Nice tribute to Michael Czysz on the Mugen electric bike.


I hadn’t seen one of these before: passenger handhold. Odd, but I suppose it makes sense if you’re going to ride like a total idiot on the street with a passenger.


Beautiful vintage Honda CB750 sitting in the parking area.


A matched set of Yamaha RD350LC two-strokes. Lots of two-strokes on the street here.


Yes, I am a geek: I find these little Hondas cool. Nicely modified version.


As I walked back to my bike, these guys were parked near me and preparing to leave: two on 250 two-stroke dirt bikes (but street legal here), and their riding buddy on an off-road version of a BMW K-bike. I know which one I’d pick…


Later in the day, my friend Alfred from Georgia showed up. This is his third trip to the IoM TT races, and it was great to see him and talk about future TT plans.

Alfred: retired American Honda technical guru and all-around great guy.


Alfred took me to dinner at the Sulby Glen Hotel and Pub, where they pour draught beer from a Honda 4-cylinder engine. Very cool.


11 thoughts on “Random Photos from Isle of Man

  1. That CB750’s seat has an incorrect strap on it… Ha, ha.
    You lucky dog, the IOM. A dream of mine, someday perhaps.

  2. Alfred = #1! Honda son.
    Brits rock! The best time to be anywhere in the “Isles”
    David Knight, “Knighter”, simply the BEST!
    Explain the flag of Isle of Man!
    ? Enjoy the ride!

    • Ahhh…the Isle of Man flag….I don’t know that I can explain it. It’s three armored legs with spurs running in a circle. It’s an ancient Manx coat of arms insignia, called a triskelion, but still quite odd looking.
      I think Sheldon explained it best in this episode of Fun With Flags

    • Sandy, , , at least Three “Six Days” were held on the Isle of Man!! The last (I think) was in 1975!! The Island is full of Dirt “Tracks” that are called “Green Lanes”!! (or something like that) During the TT you will see dozens, , perhaps hundreds of Dual Sport to full on Dirt Bikes riding those dirt tracks!! I think David Knight is from the IOM!!

  3. Whichever a man goes he will stand. Rough explanation. Pagan.

  4. Pat, , I really enjoyed meeting up with you, , , having Dinner & talking Motorcycles, , , the IOMTT, , your Fabulious Adventure and, , , in general, , Fun Stuff that only us Motor-heads would appreciate!! ????

    Have a Great Weekend & Ride Safe in your future travels!!!

    • Thanks for taking time out to meet up Alfred. Perhaps we’ll see each other again at the TT. And even more likely in Georgia in the future!

  5. Is Brad following your blog now?

    • Not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised. Amazing how many emails I get from around the world…

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