Tuna Ice Cream

The other day in San Miguel de Allende I bought a cup of ice cream from a vendor at the square. The flavors are all in Spanish, which makes it interesting. However, I noticed one flavor that I was pretty sure I didn’t want: Tuna. Yuck. Tuna flavored ice cream? I thought to myself, “the word ‘tuna’ must mean something different in Spanish”. So I typed it into Google Translate. And it came back “tuna” in English. Yuck. I’ve seen ebi-mayo donuts in Japan (shrimp and mayonnaise on a donut), so I wasn’t betting again Tuna Ice Cream.

Today as I rode east and south from Guanajuato toward Mexico City, I saw a sign on the side of the road: “Tunas $50”. Again I thought, “Yuck. Who would buy tuna from a roadside stand?” Then I got to the stand, and it was stacked with crates full of green fruit. For many miles there were more and more signs: “Tunas $50”. This odd looking fruit is very popular in this area. And I’m feeling better about trying Tuna Ice Cream. And Google needs to update their Translate vocabulary.

Tunas. Not fishy at all.


3 thoughts on “Tuna Ice Cream

  1. Ohh boy my friend, that is hilarious, tuna fruit is delicious, it’s found on the prickly pear cactus we have all over Texas as well, for sure, try it next time, it’s like a taste between kiwi and green melon.

    • No kidding! That’s the prickly pear fruit? Shiner makes a prickly pear beer that’s awesome (but hard to find in GA)

      • Yep, prickly pear fruit. Really good, once you get all the prickly parts peeled off. And yes, I left 5 of those Shiner Prickly Pear beers behind when I left San Marcos!

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