Willis Creek Slot Canyon

We visited Zion a couple of days ago, but I am not going to post about it until we have a chance to return there next week. Meanwhile…

Yesterday was a “down day” while we did some basic maintenance and just relaxed. Around 4pm, we suddenly decided we had time to go hike Willis Creek Canyon, which is the other side of Bryce and about 60 miles away, before dark. We jumped on the bike and rode north and east, past Bryce, through Cannonville, and then six miles down a dirt and sand road to the trailhead.

We started our hike about 5:45pm, which meant we could go about an hour in before we would need to turn around. This turned out to be perfect, as it allowed us to go through the canyons to the point where it opens up again, then turn around and make it back to the bike before it started getting dark.

The canyon narrows not far from the trailhead.

We met four other people on our hike in and out. Once again, my kind of crowded.

The canyon isn’t as impressive as Wire Pass, but was still good. There was a small trickle of water running the length of it, which required us to jump back and forth across it multiple times as we traversed the length.

At one point, the drop is too high, so you have to climb up a trail and across the ledge before dropping back in. You can see one of the other hikers still in the canyon in this photo.

We made it out of the sandy road and back to the highway with daylight to spare, and arrived at our cabin in Alton right at sunset.

We have one day left here before heading to Salt Lake City. Sadly, Diana’s only uncle passed away earlier this week, and she will fly home for the funeral. Due to logistics and expenses, I will not go with her. I’ll be on my own in Utah next week.

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