The Trip Continues

Sometimes The Road IS The Attraction

Nov 27, 2022 For about ten days now I’ve managed to prove myself wrong at the end of each day. Every day I tell myself “it can’t get any better than this”. Then it does. I knew the Mae Hong Son Loop was famous for its’ scenery, and there is a lot to like about […]

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Pai to Chiang Dao: Yamaha Malaysia, and Lost in Translation

Nov 23, 2022 We left Pai and continued on Northern Thailand’s version of the Gringo Trail: the Mae Hong Son Loop. About eight kilometers out of Pai we stopped at the World War Two Memorial Bridge. During the war, Japanese troops advancing through Thailand toward Burma recruited local Thai people to build a bridge across […]

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Nov 20-22, 2022 Pai is a small town of about 2,200 people in Northern Thailand. Once situated in the “Golden Triangle” of opium production, its’ main focus has shifted to tourism over the past 20 or more years. Pai is mostly known these days as a laid-back destination for backpackers and hippies. The town’s main […]

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Mae Hong Son to Ban Tham Lod

Nov 18-20, 2022 We’ve finally gotten far enough north that we can slow down… a lot. So our day from Mae Hong Son to Cave Lodge just north of Soppong was a total of about fifty miles and just under two hours. On the way, we stopped at this scenic overlook. The mountains in the […]

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Khun Yuam to Mae Hong San

Nov 17, 2022 Our mileage per day has decreased significantly. The past couple of days we rode about 40 miles per day. Today will be more like fifteen. Most of the next week we will move slowly; no more than 80 miles maximum per day. This allows us to see and experience more. Yesterday we […]

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Mae Sariang to Khun Yuam

Nov 15, 2022 We left our hotel in Mae Sariang, returned to the 108 road and continued north. The road is nice, and the traffic is fairly light, consisting of a few cars, some Toyota pickups with large cargo walls made of steel pipes and carrying farm staples: crops such as rice, bananas, papayas, or […]

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Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang

Nov 13, 2022 The population of Bangkok is just under eleven million people. Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city, is around 1.2 million. The difference is immediately noticeable as you enter Chiang Mai. You can feel the slower pace of life. The constant frenzy of Bangkok traffic doesn’t exist in Chiang Mai. Yes, there is […]

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Nov 11, 2022 Our last tour before heading north and back on two wheels. We boarded a van for a two hour drive north of Bangkok to the ruins of Ayutthaya. Built in 1350, Ayutthaya was the second capital of the Kingdom of Siam. It was a huge development of temples and monasteries and included […]

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Bangkok Day One: Temple Tour & Night Cruise

Nov 12, 2022 Note: Since we’re traveling light, all blog posts are being created on my phone, which takes a lot longer. So I apologize in advance for the delays and quality. Also, I won’t be able to edit together a good overall video until I have laptop access, but there should be some videos […]

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The World Changes. Plans Change.

November 9, 2022 When I first started getting serious about riding a motorcycle around the world in 2014, I began by laying out a general route and doing some research, beginning with weather patterns. I wanted to try to stay in what was typically late Spring or early Fall weather — not too hot and […]

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