The Trip Continues

Sudden Detour

We had originally planned to begin this trip in May of 2020. Then, of course, came the pandemic. Everything (and I mean everything) got delayed. Many of our reservations for campsites, ferries, and events were canceled, or pushed to May 2021. The world health crisis continued, and it began to look more and more like […]

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Countdown to Launch

A lot of planning goes into my long-distance rides. I’m just that kinda guy. I like the adventure, but I like it to go fairly smoothly. I’m not one to just ride off without an idea of where I’m going and what I’m getting into. Perhaps that’s why I love Mexico and Colombia so much. […]

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

With apologies to the late Tom Petty. I have planned on this second long trip for years. I planned the route. The bike and prep. The shipping. The various legs across different continents, at different seasons, with occasional stops at home now and then. But nobody planned for COVID. So plans change. And now we […]

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“What Are You Taking and How Do You Pack It?”

It’s kind of amazing how much you can pack on a motorcycle if you have the time to study it and find nooks and crannies to stuff things. On the other hand, I’m fairly meticulous about analyzing what we take along and looking for ways to shrink it, adapt it, or lose it. I spent […]

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First Shakedown Ride

My buddy Caleb showed up the other morning on his new 700 Tenere. I had a spare rear rack due to some last-minute modifications, so we installed it on his bike and went for a ride. Seeing as it was just me, and we were only going for a couple of days, I left the […]

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Prep Time

It’s always fun to “build” a new bike. I especially enjoy the planning and execution of preparing and installing all of the bits that personalize the bike to my specific needs and requirements for my travels. Everybody is different in this way. I’ve never been a “farkle” guy. I don’t attach anything to the motorcycle […]

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No More Excuses

You know it’s getting serious when you start running out of excuses. Not that I really had any, or needed any. But a couple of weeks ago another big reason most people use — somewhat logically — to keep them from setting off on a round-the-world ride fell away: Diana retired after 40 years in […]

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Who remembers this movie quote? “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! Millions of people look at this book every day. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that MAKES people!” I’m a big fan of Navin Johnson and The Jerk. I don’t know why that line pops up in my head […]

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The Five Year Plan, Revisited

Way back in September of 2015, while in Panama, I wrote a post called “The Fallacies of the Five Year Plan” based on an article my brother had sent me. The concept of a Five Year Plan is not new nor is it limited to any one aspect of life. Countries do five year plans. […]

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December 21, 2020


I hope that in these crazy times you are able to find peace, clarity, and health. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, comment, and reach out with questions about their own travel plans.

It’s finally time to clean the cobwebs off this site and get it fired up for the next adventure.

Keep checking back for upcoming news of the next Around The World Adventure coming in the next few weeks. It’s been WAY TOO LONG!

“If Not Now…When?”


PS: If you are looking for my year-long travels on my XT250 Yamaha that took me through 34 countries and across four continents, it’s still here. Click on the “XT250 Around The World 2015-2016” tab above, and use the Pull-Down menu to skip to specific continents or topics.