The Trip Continues

Schengen Time: London to Bruges

June 17-20, 2022 We’re back on Central European Time (one hour later), and back on Schengen Time; that is, our clock is ticking on the 90 days we are allowed to remain in the 26 Schengen countries during a 180 day period. We crept out of London (traffic is a nightmare), and four hours later […]

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One-Day Tour of London on a Budget

June 16, 2022 I’m not a fan of big cities. I managed to avoid nearly all of them in the year I rode around the world. But we were about to skirt London and had a couple of days, so we decided to do a quick sight-seeing tour. There is nothing cheap in big cities, […]

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More of Cymru

June 13, 2022 Cymru, is how Wales is spelled in Welsh. You figure it out. I can’t. After our hike, we moved about a half hour north towards Conwy, to one of the nicest campsites — if not the nicest — that we’ve experienced in the past six weeks. While the camping pitch at Cfen […]

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Tan Hill, The Cat & Fiddle, and Snowdonia

June 10-12 On the last evening at the Isle of Man, we caught the electric tram from Laxey into Douglas and wandered the promenade for a bit. One big difference between June at home and June on the Isle of Man: it’s 55 degrees F here and damp. Diana doesn’t do cold well. We rode […]

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Isle of Man TT

June 3-10, 2022 We left Morecambe early in the morning for a ten minute ride to the Heysham Steampacket Terminal, headed to Douglas on the Isle of Man for the annual TT motorcycle races. We and Lukasz, Marcin, Michal (another friend from Poland), and Glen (from Australia) had planned this trip for 2020, but of […]

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A Bit of Humour

June 8, 2022 Time for a quick travel break (and a bit out of order) to insert a random post with humorous photos. Some of these are intentional British humour (intentionally spelled the British way), and others are amusing solely because we’re American, and find it funny even if the Brits don’t. This may be […]

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Visiting Rock and Roll History in Liverpool

June 2, 2022 Jen returned home to Luna and Neville, and we headed the short 40 miles to Liverpool for the night. The next morning we hopped on the Magical Mystery Tour bus for a two hour tour of historical sites related to The Beatles. Our tour guide Neil was humorous and very informative. We […]

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Unhappy with The Queen’s Show, but happy with the Queen show.

May 29-May 31, 2022 I was startled awake at 5am on Sunday morning by Diana saying “Oh Sh*t!” “What’s wrong?”, I asked sitting up suddenly in the tent. “Look at this!” she said, and handed me her phone. For the past two years, we had made plans to attend the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll Festival […]

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Crossing the Channel: Country Numbers Nine & Ten

May 25-28 Our wi-fi signal for the past several days has been too weak to upload photos, so we finally rode into town today and found a strong enough signal to upload enough photos to do some catching up on the blog. So here goes… It had rained every night, and a bit during the […]

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Learning about World War II

May 23-24, 2022 We had set up the tent in Dreux without the rain fly, but by 11pm the first drops of rain were hitting the tent, so I jumped up and quickly put the fly over the tent. It rained on and off most of the night, and in the morning it still looked […]

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