The Trip Continues

Home, for now….but likely not for long

We’ve been home for ten days now. We had originally intended to travel to the northeastern US before returning home, but due to a commitment in Austin in early October we decided to head south early. Our amazing housesitter who took care of our home and cats for five and a half months was due […]

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September 23, 2021 This leg of our travels ended up being a bit shorter than we had originally intended. We arrived home about three weeks early. Well, not quite home…we have a housesitter taking care of our home and cats, and our original agreement was through October 15th. Therefore, we are housesitting for others in […]

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It’s Not Just About The Places We Go

Over the years, we’ve seen some beautiful places during our travels. Some because of natural beauty, and others because of the local culture. The more miles we acquire, the more we come to appreciate not just the places, but the people we meet along the way. I have a lot of special memories of people […]

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Speed Touring, Part Deux

September 16, 2021 After a good night’s sleep, we pack up without making breakfast or coffee, because we are headed to a place that has five cent coffee. From Wall, we head south to the Badlands. On the way out of Badlands National Park we see three things that catch our attention: The first is […]

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Speed Touring

September 15, 2021 I flash back to that scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation where Clark Griswold is trying to get the family back in the car quickly at the Grand Canyon. His wife says “Don’t you want to look at the Grand Canyon?” and he turns, faces it, nods a couple of times and says […]

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Close Encounter

September 14, 2021 From Greybull, Wyoming, we were headed towards the Black Hills of South Dakota. But we stopped a bit short of Deadwood at the Devils Tower. This large rock butte is probably most famous from the 1977 Stephen Spielberg movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The campground below the base of the […]

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Key to The Highway

September 12-13, 2021 Okay, stick with me here. This song reference is a bit harder to actually tie in, but it stuck in my mind, so here we go. We had a short day, riding from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone, actually stopping just short of West Yellowstone at a KOA campground. This gave us […]

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Back in the Lower 48 and Headed East. Well, South, and West, then East

September 8-11, 2021 We rode off the Alaskan ferry and headed south, back to Coupeville and boarded yet one last ferry across to Port Townsend. After a quick visit at a local coffee shop with my niece, we rode across the top of the Olympic Peninsula, through Forks (famous for a number of things, including […]

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Four Days on a Ferry Boat

September 4-8, 2021 The 1982 Split Enz song was “Six Months In A Leaky Boat”, and that’s the song I can’t get out of my head as we ride off the ferry in Bellingham, Washington. It’s only been three and a half days, and as far as I know, it wasn’t leaking. It was a […]

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I’ve Seen Glaciers, and I’ve Seen Rain

August 29 – Sept 4, 2021 If you’ve been reading along from the beginning (way back in 2015), you may have noticed that I occasionally title my blog posts with a twisted hint of a song lyric. Like this one, thanks to the 1970 James Taylor hit. This is usually caused by having way too […]

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