The Ultimate Adventurer’s Accessory

February 1, 2017

Before ever leaving on my travels, my good friend Tom and I rode together across much of the western United States. On that trip, on a different, much larger motorcycle, I experienced failure of a couple of electronic accessories I had installed. We began to joke that for the “big trip”, the ultimate setup would be an air-cooled motorcycle and paper maps, thus eliminating most if not all of the electronics.

Recently Tom gave me what I consider the coolest gift ever.

60mm folding pocket sundial. SO cool.

I love my pocket sundial. I carry it everywhere. It’s fun to show people — first asking them if they know what it is, then showing them how it works. And it’s amazingly accurate.

To make it even better, it came with a gift card that read “You are the only person I know who could use this.”

Thanks Tom.