2015 Route Plan

Here’s a rough (okay, very rough) initial sketch of the route I intend to take. Of course this is subject to change based on weather patterns, civil unrest, boredom, whims, etc.

Part 1: The Americas

Texas — Mexico — Guatemala — El Salvador — Honduras — Nicaragua — Costa Rica — Panama — Colombia — Ecuador — Peru — Bolivia — Chile — Argentina. Then ship from Buenos Aires to Capetown, South Africa


Part 2

South Africa — Namibia — Zambia — Malawi — Tanzania — Kenya, then ship to India — Nepal — then ship to Thailand — Laos — Cambodia — Malaysia, then ship to Australia — (hopefully New Zealand) — then ship to Korea or Japan — then ship to Vladivostok, Russia — Mongolia — Russia — Belarus — Poland — Germany — France — England — United States


Technically, when you look at this route, it’s not really a “Round-The-World” trip. It’s more like “Go to the other side then turn around and come back”. A few more miles than just circumnavigating, but it still misses a lot of beautiful places. Hopefully the route will get modified as I go, or else I’ll just have to do it again!