Goodbye IoM

June 12, 2016

I’m standing near the 31-mile marker on the 37.7 mile TT course, on the mountain, near the Joey Dunlop memorial. The TT races have been over for two days, but the mountain is still one-way traffic only, and there are still lots of motorcycles going by, nearly all in excess of 100 mph; many in excess of 140 mph.

Looking toward the 31-mile marker on the mountain course.

I turn to the policeman standing next to me and ask, “So, is it pretty much just a free-for-all up here?”

He replies, “We prefer not to call it a free-for-all, but there is no speed limit.”

When was the last time a cop told you that? He continues: “We’re not here for enforcement. We’re just here to close the road when the accidents happen. Which is several times a day.” He explains that during the Manx GP in August, the mountain road is open both ways, because apparently there aren’t nearly as many idiots that show up for that.

The Joey Dunlop memorial is quite impressive, and includes stones engraved with each of his 26 TT wins.

A moment with the King of the Mountain.


The building behind Joey’s memorial… 2RideTheGlobe sticker in the bottom right.


The Snaefell Mountain Railway crosses the TT course on its’ way to the top of Snaefell Mountain. Hopefully not during the races…


Friday’s Sidecar race and Senior TT were great viewing, especially with William Dunlop setting a new lap record.




“Hutchy” on the BMW approaching Ballaugh Bridge during the Senior TT.


This morning I went for a ride up the mountain behind the campground, and onto some of the trails (“Green Lanes”).

Nice two-track…


First time in a long, long time that I’ve ridden the little 250 without the panniers and tank bag. It was definitely more fun without the added weight.


Looking out toward Ballaugh and the campground from the hill above.


This is 10 o’clock in the morning. Very thick forest makes it suddenly very dark. And this photo doesn’t show how steep this downhill section is. Lots of braking going on.

I was reminded of several things as I descended the rutted, root-strewn, loamy, dark, steep downhill:

  1. As Sandy and Alfred mentioned earlier, the ISDE has been run on the Isle of Man in the past, and for good reason. Nice trails!
  2. I’m alone.
  3. I have no idea if there’s a way out at the bottom of this hill.
  4. I’m on a very underpowered motorcycle.

Keeping all of that in mind, I eventually managed to get turned around and back up the way I came down. It was another reminder of why I need to come back here, and spend at least a week between the TT races and the off-road riding.

I’m on the very late ferry back to Liverpool, then a few more days roaming England and Wales.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye IoM

  1. Once again Pat, some great photos and copy.
    Take care.

  2. Pat, thanks for the great pics of the IoM. If you are headed into Wales, I recommend Castle Conway.

  3. Go to the Wye Valley, and Snowdonia is beautiful!!!

  4. A little information on Ian “Hutchey” Hutchinson. He outright won three TT races this year!! In 2010 he won 5 races which has not been done before or since!! After the 2010 TT he. Severely broke his left lower leg at a Superbike race at Silverstone in England!! Now he can no longer shift with his left foot/leg so his Shift Lever has been moved to the right side. His rear brake has been moved to a Thumb Leveron the left side of the handlebars!! Now think about how fast he’s going considering he had to relearn shifting & braking!! ??????

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