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July 10, 2016

I was riding along the other day and noticing all of the guys on sportbikes and BMW GS’s that passed going the other way, and many of them had GoPro cameras mounted on their helmets. I’ve been carrying a GoPro with me since I left home a year ago, and I think I’ve used it three or four times total. I started thinking about why — or why not — and I came to this personal observation. This of course is my opinion, and I’m sure others will disagree.

Go Pro = “Look What I Did” (A form of “Look At Me”)

Selfie Stick = “Look At Me”

Photos = “Look What I Saw”

I’m not a “Look At Me” person. Lots of people have been to these same places before me. I like to take photos to remind myself of a place, a person, or a funny thing that I saw. I really write this blog for myself, even though I’m pleased that others have enjoyed it.

So, thus the reason I have used the GoPro so little, and sent the selfie stick home after about one use. And why my blog is filled with photos and words.

Old school? Yes. Yes, I am. I’m lucky I can even spell “blog”.

3 thoughts on “Photos, Videos, Selfies…

  1. I will tell u one thing that I probably won’t carry a go pro with me either but it’s way cool when someone else has one on them n they follow u on a ride like Doug n Mike did last yr in mex n u get to see yourself riding some awesome roads surrounded by great scenery. I remember I came home n my family n non-riding friends could finally c what I do n why I do it, cuz a pic here n a pic there doesn’t show the thrill of da ride. And only for that reason that it captures abit of what it’s like to ride da ride, switchbacks etc

    • The coin landed on the edge, teetered back and forth several times, and….

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