Plan C. Or was it D?

I’ve lost track of all the different scenarios we had gone over depending on if and when various countries opened up. I suppose I could go back and re-read what I’ve already written, but instead I’ll just wing it. We have a semi-plan in place, and it’s starting off a bit different than we originally intended (obviously). We were supposed to be leaving on the first leg of our RTW ride right now, which would have seen us ride to Toronto, fly us and the bike to Dublin, and spend the rest of this year and part of next in Europe before continuing east through Asia. Every day it is sounding more and more like Europe will open this summer, but logistically, for us, it is less likely that we will make it this year, because while Europe may open to American tourists, shipping the motorcycle requires additional coordination and agreements, and not everyone is thrilled with the idea of foreigners showing up in their little villages just yet. We aren’t just tourists, going to Paris and staying in the city. We are travelers. So we’ll go when everyone is ready.

So….Plan C, or D, or whatever: I’m heading east on the little XT250; the same little bike I rode most of the way around the world five years ago. I’m riding to North Carolina, mostly on backroads, and then turn around and ride the Trans America Trail from Cape Hatteras to Oklahoma. For those who aren’t familiar, there are various versions of a mostly-unpaved route across the US, and the one I am riding begins in North Carolina and ends in Oregon. However, it’s a bit early in the season to do the Rocky Mountain passes, and besides, we have other plans for June. I will finish the western half of the Trail later. For the next three weeks, I’ll be riding solo on the 250. Diana will be driving a paved route, and will meet up with me at the end of each day heading west.

Weather permitting, we’re hoping to make it back to the Texas Hill Country before the end of May. And then reload and shift to Plan E.

Now, finally, we are rolling. It feels good to be back on the road.

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  1. Let me know when you get close to N. Georgia!!

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