Cañon de Somoto

September 14, 2015

It was a sleepless night. My room is nice enough, but between all of the events of yesterday’s Honduran border scams, and riding the last 20km in the dark, I was still wired. So when my alarm went off this morning, I was not ready to get up. I was just starting to relax.

Nonetheless, it was time to see the canyon. Six of us piled into a very tired Honda Civic, and drove 10km back toward the Honduran border to Cañon de Somoto. Ricardo, our tour guide, took us first to his house, where we were provided life jackets, then back into the Civic for the hike to the entrance to the canyon.

At Ricardo’s house. His wife is a seamstress, and there were two young girls there trying on their new dresses. Adorable.


The trek through the canyon is about five miles total. Much of it involves swimming through sections. Another large part is climbing over rocks and hiking between sections. And then there is about 1km in a rowboat. The scenery is very nice. The extremely slick moss-covered river stones, less so.

Hiking to the river: First row: Nicaraguan tour guide speaking Spanish with Swiss tourist. Second row: German tourist speaking Spanish with Nicaraguan tourist. Third row: German tourist speaking English with me. I gotta work on my Spanish.



Interesting large spider.

Once again, some people jump off of tall canyon walls into the water. SOME people.

The rowboats take people back and forth at the lower part of the canyon. Much easier access than hiking and swimming the longer route that we did. We took the rowboat about 1km downstream.


At the lower portion of the canyon, guides act like mules and pull these long tube trains of tourists up the canyon. I’m sure these people were looking at us as we swam by in the opposite direction and thinking “Those poor people can’t afford tubes”.


Looking back at the river on our hike back up to Ricardo’s house at the end of our tour. Canon de Somoto is upstream to the left of the photo.

5 thoughts on “Cañon de Somoto

  1. Wow, quite an adventure getting through the borders. Great for both of you it worked out that you had partners. Pretty scary to leave the bike for the crack heads to steal. Big change from the peace at Antigua. Beautiful canyon!

  2. Pat, you’ve found a second calling. You are a very talented writer. I love visiting your blog.

    Add this canyon to my list. Though I can tell you I would be very frustrated with the border experience, as well.

  3. Have to love those border “helpers.” Ha! Enjoy reading your notes on the trip. Safe travels.

  4. I’m really enjoying my vicarious travel thru your blog. Great job.

    Some people ride motorcycles at over 150 mph on race tracks. SOME people.

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