No More Excuses

You know it’s getting serious when you start running out of excuses. Not that I really had any, or needed any. But a couple of weeks ago another big reason most people use — somewhat logically — to keep them from setting off on a round-the-world ride fell away: Diana retired after 40 years in her profession. Forty years is a long time to do anything, and to do something that requires using your hands all day every day can be physically demanding. She loved what she did, and still does, and a big part of that goes to her employer for the last eight years. She has told me many times that she wishes she had found Dr. Bell earlier in her career.

Mixed emotions, leaving a great job with a great boss and co-workers who have become friends, but ready to retire and hit the road.

Since Dr. Bell announced her retirement, Diana has received many emails and comments from patients wishing her well and telling her how much she will be missed. It’s a good feeling to know that you not only were good at your job but truly appreciated by both your employer and those you served.

While her replacement is already in place, Diana has offered to help out for a few more weeks while the office searches for a new front desk person. After that, she’s ready to start full-time preparations for our departure.

No pressure on me. Just one more excuse that we can no longer use as we move closer to living on two wheels.

I guess I’d better get moving on some of these projects, so we can get on the road whenever the world opens up.

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