No Short Routes

June 6, 2016

The distance between last night’s campsite and tonight’s campsite was 13.2 miles, if I took the most direct route. But why would you do that in a place like this, where the roads are just too good to not go the long way?

So I turned my 13 mile ride into a little over 100 miles today, and I would have been happy to have done triple that here in the Lake District. I’ll just let the photos do the talking…

Coming down from Honister Pass. While only about 900 feet elevation, the climb up had 25% grades.




Just love the roads. Very little traffic, very little obstructions, other than rock walls lining the roads in places.


How can you not turn right onto a road called “The Struggle”??



Cattle sporting the Kurt Cobain Seattle Grunge look.


Motorcycle heaven.



I wanted to ask to see the alternative bin full of hopes and dreams. Perhaps there are some in there that I might be interested in….

5 thoughts on “No Short Routes

  1. Those “grungy” hairy cows date back 1000’s of years to Scotland and are directly linked to musk oxen in Alaska. My friends near Glasgow/Inverness have them in their pastures.
    Enjoy IofM.

  2. Pat, my friend, you’re just brilliant, as Phillip would say. Sorry I’ve been away for an eternity it seems, my wife has looked u up more than me, last time I cked in was a month ago or more. U were still in Namibia. I’ve been locked up with moving to Harlingen, stayin busy at work, etc. I had to cancel 2 planned Mejico rides already, but I c you’ve been very busy. And I am super glad ur still chugging along being our hero. Da first thought that popped in my mind by just lookin at ur latest pics is, is pat in Hobbet country? That can’t be Africa and definitely not India, then I ck where u r and wow, England. ASAP I can’t wait to continue da journey where I left off in Namibia. Thanks pat for not giving up. RIDE ON…

  3. Great posts Pat. Love the photos, love the hairy cows.
    If your travels take you to Cambodia, we can put you in touch with our good friend Maria Montello. She’s a missionary and a motorcyclist (Honda 400 Four Super Sport) and has been in-country for 4 years. She lives in the capital, Phnom Penh. She’s the young lady who did the cross-country, 7200 mile ride, with our daughter Lisa in 1999.

  4. Pat, these are roads and views made for motorcycle enthusiasts. Enjoy!
    PS Watch out for the Highland cow patties. 😉

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